The Floods (and a Cyclone?!)

Whoa. Yeah, I know.  I just made a mighty announcement that I’ve booked my flight to move HOME and I’m just now blogging for the first time since being back.  SO SORRY!  Not that a single one of you care since I talk to most of you daily anyway :))

Well… we’ve actually been busy to say the least.  As everyone knows, wedding planning is in full swing.  Which means so is planning for the Bachelorette (and the corresponding Bachelor) Party and pretending like I have showers to dress for (i.e. looking at Lilly Pulitzer dresses online WAY too often for anyone’s good.)  Besides that, we are spending most of the time daydreaming about our future life back in St. Louis and looking at houses for sale in our favorite neighborhoods!  It is SO FUN!

On to what we’ve been up to Down Under!

A few weeks after we got back, we experience our 2nd cyclone!  Our first was in Fiji.  And we really just thought it was a thunderstorm.  It blew in and out over night. No biggie.  This time around was slightly different.  We experienced a cyclone from 31 floors up!  Our apartment building was creaking, and swaying and whistling.  Really!  The wind was whistling. I don’t know what it was blowing through – our doors were closed but it was whistling!  I felt like the building could fall over at any minute!

After a weekend of cyclone powered winds and rain, it finally ended!  And in true Aussie style, the skies cleared completely!



And the river flooded.

You can see how brown the water was!  They shut down the CityCat – the public transportation systems that run on the river.  There was so much debris running down the river the boats couldn’t travel safely.




This was down at the Eagle Street Pier.  I’ve shown you pictures of this area before.  It’s our favorite place to get drinks or eat out.  The water flooded a few of the restaurants and closed the pier for a few days.  It was really pretty sad to see!  There were areas outside of the city that really flooded and because of the major flood in the city in 2011 (in case you’re interested: a few years ago everyone was on high alert!  Luckily it was not nearly as devastating but it was scary none-the-less!

I promise…I’ll keep updating on what we’ve been doing.  I promise 🙂


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