BULA! {a Fijian Hello}

Ahhh…what a refreshing 4 weeks spent at home!  Well, refreshing isn’t exactly the right word.  While it was GREAT to be at home in the comfort of the states, hanging out with the ‘rents and spending much needed quality time with my Tillybear and my besties, we had some planning to do!  WEDDING PLANNING!

I know, it’s been a looooong while since I last posted.  I missed quite a few once in a lifetime events.  I’ll post about our trip home later.  Up first, FIJI!

Shortly after Ben and I got to Australia it was clear that we either had to take a trip to Fiji or Bali.  Both are equivalent to Americans taking a vacation in Mexico.  SUPER easy to get to!  After a few recommendations we decided on Fiji.  I mean…FIJI?!?!  A little because we didn’t want to feel left of out our families Thanksgiving celebrations, a little because I already had the days of work and a little because it was my birthday, we decided to go the week of Thanksgiving (and my 29th birthday!)

photo 1

Before we left my sister asked if we would be drinking a lot of Fiji water, which I hadn’t even though about!  Lucky for us, it was the complementary water at the hotel!  What else would it be?!  We were in FIJI!

photo 2

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon.  Our hotel was amazing!  The pools were beautiful and the view of the ocean was gorgeous!

photo 3 (4)

photo 5 (4)

Every night, the hotel had happy hour with live music!



And you had to hurry to get a good seat…



The next day was my birthday.  I told Ben that all I wanted to do on my birthday was lounge by the pool…


Have cocktails…

photo 4

Watch the skydivers land on the beach in front of our hotel…


And not have to do a thing!  My wish came true!  It was the perfect birthday! That afternoon Ben and I went back to our hotel to get ready for happy hour when I found a bottle of Champagne in our mini fridge.  He had surprised me on my birthday with a bottle of champagne!  So that evening, instead of joining the other guests at happy hour we decided to enjoy our icy bottle of bubbly on the beach…in FIJI!

Now, this alone was PERFECT!  I kept thinking champagne on the beach in FIJI – what more could a girl ask for on her birthday?!

Well…Benny boo had more in store!  Once we were out on the beach, bubbly poured, he ran back inside, claiming he had one more gift for me.  Now, I wasn’t expecting another gift at all so this was quite a surprise!  He came back out with a wrapped box and it was clear to me what was in the box – HOT TAMALES candy.  I’m a HUGE fan and not having them in Australia makes them quite a treat when we can get a family member to send them over!  😉 😉

I opened my gift and sure enough, there was a box of Hot Tamales just begging me for me to dig in! Again, I’m thinking ‘champagne on the beach in Fiji with hot tamales – now, really, this is perfect!’  So without hesitation, I popped open that box and saw…

photo (42)

Yep!  I have the most creative FIANCE in the world!  Shortly after, Ben got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!  **sighhhhh**


photo 1 (5)

Ben staged the look to capture in one shot…who knew I was marrying such a photog?!

photo 2 (5)

Now…on to the rest of the trip!  First, I must say, don’t go to Fiji if you aren’t super thrilled by lizards or frogs.  They were everywhere.  Frogs top my list of scariest animals so sleeping in a room with an inch crack at the bottom made me weary!

This is the best pic I could get of one of deadly creature…I cringe.

photo 3 (2)

The rest of the trip was a blur.  I spent most hours of the day staring my left hand and making the tightest fist a girl can make in fear of that beautiful diamond falling off my finger.  I swear, I might have even lost a little sleep thinking about my ring!  (and the frogs)

This was our most beautiful shot of the week.  Again, thanks to my photog fiancé!

photo 3

One of the days we decided to leave the hotel and head into the resort part of town.  The rest of the island (from what we saw) was a bit sketchy.  We grabbed lunch in the marina and got to do a little people watching.

photo 2 (2)

Although, I didn’t take any pics, Ben and I survived our first cyclone!  To us, it was just a rain storm but to everyone else it was a cyclone!

On the last full day in Fiji, we decided to hop on a day cruise to one of the smaller islands.  Luckily, the water in Fiji is SO calm.  Even during the cyclone, the waves didn’t even rival those in the calmest Gulf Coast town.

This is a picture from the boat ride.  Not even a smidge of a wave!

photo 1 (4)



The boat took us to a teeny tiny island about an hour from the main island of Fiji.

photo 3 (3)

You could walk around the island in about 5 minutes.  They provided drinks and food for the day and other activities like stand up paddle and snorkeling.

We took advice from the American couple that we made friends with and immediately after landing on the island we raced to tiki hut!




photo 5 (3)

Then we each (me, Ben and the American couple, Carrie and Phil) took a noodle and sat in the calm ocean water while Paul, the boat tour owner, brought us brewskis!  It was heaven!

SOOO – all in all, Fiji was the best holiday of my life! Sun, cocktails, Fiji water and nabbed myself a fiancé! 🙂

photo 1 (3)


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