Day to Day Down Under

Since I’ll be headed back to the states in less than 3 weeks (!!!!!!!) and Ben to follow just a week after (!!!!!!!) I thought I’d show a few random things that we have been up to. People keep asking for updates but in reality we are getting pretty used to our new digs and life Down Under.

We, in the Southern Hemisphere, are in transition from Spring to Summer and with that comes no Daylight Savings Time (which gives us more daytime hours with YOU!) but it also gives us more morning sunshine than you could EVER imagine.  Now, to me, this is FANTASTIC…but to my boyfriend, this is the worst thing to happen to a Saturday morning since he was too old to watch cartoons without judgment. 😉  During the week, this early sunrise causes me to also rise around 4:45am…I try to lay in bed until a more acceptable hour – of 5:30 before getting up to start my day.  I make some tea and get right to work.  Ben follows around 6:30 and is out the door around 7:00 am.  We don’t mess around down here!


The day is downhill from there!  Work, Starbucks, eat, work, workout, eat, work and have a glass of wine with dinner before starting it all over again…now you can probably understand why there haven’t been many updates! 😉


A couple weeks ago we did indulge in some Friday afternoon drinks with some of Ben’s co-workers and much to our surprise we were in for a little summertime holiday parade. A group of little kids came parading through wearing Reindeer costumes, Snowman costumes,  and Angel costumes in the middle of weather the felt only like July!  It was such a bizarre feeling…until Santa brought up the tail of the parade waving from an Audi convertible.  My mind was blown. I was impressed by the mid-spring parade and since then haven’t stopped thinking about how weird it is that it’s probably cold back home.


This is us at HH – enjoying a few brews at The Pig and Whistle.


There are decorations everywhere and Christmas music is playing in Starbucks now so I’m starting to get in the mood…now we’ll just need to turn up the AC so high that I can make Chili and read a book by heat of the sun that is radiating off the windows in our apartment.  Perfect!



Now, like I said, we have just been living our normal life on the other side of the world but I’ve taken a few pictures lately that I wanted to share.


This is in an area of the city on the other side of the river called South Bank.  It’s a hip little area filled with great restaurants, lots of ice cream shops and boutiques.  Every weekend they have markets in the area which are always packed and a fun place to walk through.  Ben and I have been the past two weekends.  Last weekend we did a little shopping and this weekend we went to dinner on Friday night and walked around.


It’s a little hard to see but this is the view of the city from across the river in South Bank.



And this is the casino. Every single time we walk by I ask Ben if we can try our hand at a little Blackjack and he immediately say no.  He needs to be a bit more spontaneous, right?!

This is through Queen Street Mall.  This is the main street of shopping in the city.  It’s always bustling but the crown definitely gets younger (and bit drunker) as the night gets later. 😉


On Saturday, we were invited to a BBQ to say “Bon Voyage” as an American couple ended their Australian stay and made their way back to the states.  It was at Ben’s co-workers house and we had a blast!  This picture is just to brag on my culinary skills…I mean – homemade buttercream frosting…don’t mind if I do!

And finally, the weather of our weekend.  For the first time since living here, we experienced a REAL thunderstorm – or 15 of them.  Just like at home, the Spring storms rolled through the city on Saturday and Sunday.  They were the cracking thunder, light-up-the-sky lightening, hail, torrential rain type of storms.  We could hardly see the building across the street from ours during the rain!  And we could truly enjoy it every time a new batch of clouds brewed and threw down because we didn’t have a car to worry about hail damage or a little Tillybear ringing her bell to go outside.  I LOVE a good storm!




Now, in just a few short hours we’ll be drowning our sorrows over missing Thanksgiving at home in Strawberry Daquaris and Pina Coladas poolside in FIJI!  I mean, we had to jet set to avoid feeling bad about missing out, right?!  Stay tuned and See ya soon!! 🙂




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