WAAYYYYY down under!

A few weeks ago I put my life in the hands of a 21 year old, bleached blonde, long haired Aussie boy.  No, I didn’t fake a drowning on the beach in Surfer’s Paradise a la Baywatch but I did get my SCUBA Certification!

I now have another form of identification in my wallet – my Certified Open Water Diver card issued by the Brisbane Dive Academy! And I LOVE it!

Here are some pics from my adventure WAYYYY down under…


We started out in the lap pool about 3 feet deep to help us get used to breathing under water and learning some basic (life saving!) skills.




We swam up and down the lanes (trying desperately not to look in the lanes next to us!)





Then things got serious – in the deep end!  We learned how to control buoyancy, share air and (most importantly) clear our masks when they were full of water! PHEW!





No, this isn’t a reenactment of the Dateline story of the American couple on their honeymoon but I really have no idea what we’re practicing!



Then on to the REAL stuff!  We did a total of 4 actual open water dives. The first was on day 1 and the other 3 on day 2.


This was the only other person in my course.  A lovely gentleman, of about 65 years of age – Fred.


Then it was my turn.  I some how managed to be geekier than Fred.




It certainly isn’t a sport for those that want to look pretty….



Before I knew it, the weekend was over and I am free to SCUBA dive anytime I want!

This was our crew – the woman on the left is a Divemaster in training, just along for Day 2 and observing – then Dom (the cute Aussie instructor- who Ben refers to as “Dom Ass”), me and Fred.




It was a BLAST and I’m THRILLED my loving boyfriend urged me to face my fears and do it!


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  1. Lauren, what a very, very special and brave accomplishment! Isn’t it gratifying to be able to face your fears and surpass your own expectations!!! WAY TO GO!!!

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