Sydney – Part 3 (Finally, eh?)

Sunday was our last day in Sydney.  We were SO tired so we slowly made our way to hop on the ferry to Manly Island which was recommended to us by quite a few people (shout out to Aunt Bonnie and Amanda Boren!)

The ferry ride itself was the best part.  We got beautiful views of the city and harbor!

There wasn’t much going on on Manly Island but it was still beautiful.  TONS of little kids learning to surf, a few beach yogis and so many golden retrievers in one spot so I was able to get my puppy fix and tell a number of strangers about my little Tillybear! 😉

Here are a few pics from the ferry ride and Manly:



Manly Beach – see all those little kid surfers?!






See those dots on top of the bridge?  Those are people doing the Bridge Climb!

And with that our first weekend trip was over!  Time to head home….and SLEEP!



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