Sydney – Part 1

A couple weeks ago, me and Ben took our first domestic flight during our Aussie adventure to SYDNEY to celebrate Ben’s birthday!  We hopped on a Qantas flight sometime on Thursday afternoon (Ben’s actual birthday.)  The first pleasant surprise of the trip was the food and drink on Qantas – cheese, crackers and olives and wine!  American Airlines could probably take some hints… 😉

Just like in Brizzy, by the time we arrived in Sydney, around 8:30pm, everything was closed.  We wanted a casual dinner so within moments of seeing a corner pizzeria, we were sitting down with sharing a bottle of wine, bruschetta and a pie.

We had an early start on Friday morning.  We were signed up to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb at 9:55am.  We wanted to take a little of the city in before the climb so we got up early and took a walk down to the harbour.

After a brief walk around we made our way to the Bridge Climb.  I didn’t realize before starting but the climb is quite an ordeal.  The first hour was all prep.  We had to take a breathalyzer and sign a waiver before doing anything else! After that, we were fitted in our suits, issued a headset (to later hear the guide through the wind) and other goodies to keep you warm (i.e. fleece jackets, hat, gloves, handkerchief, etc) and walked through a bridge climb simulation.  Before we knew it we were heading outside!

Each climber was given a belt and on the belt was a harness that immediately clipped on to cable that ran the length of the climb.  Once you clipped in there was no way out – thank goodness!  It was quite interesting; the guide went through the history of the bridge and surrounding area which was actually really neat!  But once we got on to what we were there to do, we were climbing ladders, shuffling along beams and walking a steady incline over Sydney Harbour!  The view was incredible!  Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take our own pics but here are a few (lo-res) pics that the guide took along the way.

By the time our feet were firmly on the ground, it was about a 3 hour journey and totally worth it!

Ben and I were a little wobbly from holding ourselves up against the 60kph wind and ready for lunch.  Again, Sydney wanted to show us just how cute of a city it is – just a couple blocks away we stumbled on a random market filled with tents for the surrounding restaurants so we picked up a burger (for me) and a chorizo sausage (for Ben) and headed back down to the harbour to eat while staring at the opera house.  SO COOL!


Needless to say, by the end of day one we were beat!  But we carried on…to a fantastic Malaysian restaurant – Chinta Ria – which vies for one of the best meals I’ve ever had!  They’ve really perfected how to cook their mussels and beef while providing their patrons with a view to remember of Darling Harbour.  I’d definitely go back! 🙂

More on our Sydney adventure soon…


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