A Run With a View!

I know I already posted this to Facebook, but I can’t get enough!  THIS is what I get to see when I run! 

Just a few blocks from our apartment are the Brisbane Botanical Gardens and just on the opposite end of the gardens is the pedestrian bridge – The Goodwill Bridge.  (I didn’t take the rest of these pics but I want you to see what I’m talking about!)

The bridge is very wide so there is plenty of room for the many runners, bikers, roller bladders, etc.  I really like the bridge and the pedestrian friendliness of the city!

I took a left off of the bridge to run along the Kangaroo Point Cliffs (to the right is South Bank – one of our favorite areas and where we found the great waffles and ice cream, Amber!)  The cliffs have a large outdoor adventure group that offer kayak rentals for the river and rock climbing so while running, not only do you get the enjoyment of the city skyline but you also get to watch rock climbers!

This is just a beautiful night view.  And will give you an idea of what we can see across the river from our balcony while drinking a glass of wine…no biggie 🙂

The next “stop” along my running journey is the Storey Bridge.  Just like the Sydney Harbor Bridge, you can climb the Storey Bridge to get a better view of the city!  I chose to stick to the sidewalk.  🙂

Then, the home stretch – Eagle Street Pier.  It’s not exactly a pier, just a boardwalk but it has immediately made it to the top of my list for dinner and drinks on a Friday night!  This picture is one I actually did take on one of our first days in the city!  On Sundays there is a market on the pier…we have accidently made it a habit to go to breakfast and walk the markets on Sunday morning.  It’s a good habit if you ask me.  🙂

Finally, at the end of what felt like much further than 4.5 miles you’re back to the Botanical Gardens and walking a few short blocks back home.

(This is the front of our building!)

Again, more on “home” to come…


3 responses

  1. Wow, amazing. This makes me want to take pictures of all the buildings that are falling apart and the spray paint along my route that’s the same distance to the arch. Just so show the complete opposite.

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