The Ocean!

It has been one month since our arrival Down Under and we finally made it to the ocean!  Our new friend, Amanda, rented a car on Saturday and invited us on a road trip to Bribie Island, about an hour and half north of Brisbane.  First, I have to say, an hour and half of sitting in the back seat while driving down the wrong side of the highway was stressful.  I guess we were technically on the correct side of the road but it was stressful, none the less.  I was convinced that our driver (Amanda) kept looking the wrong way, therefore not seeing the millions of cars that were going to hit us.  I was wrong. She was right. And we made it perfectly safe and sound to Bribie Island. 😉


Upon arrival it was absolutely gorgeous!  You could see Moreton Island (which I assume to be the home of the tasty Moreton Bay Bug) just across the ocean.  The water was blue as can be and the sand was white and soft!  All characteristics of what I call “The Perfect Beach”.  Well…what is GOING to be perfect, when the weather warms up about 20 degrees and the wind dies down a bit.  It was quite windy but overall a beautiful day.




We walked quite a way down the beach and could see the Brisbane skyline! (I promise, it’s out there)



And quite a few beached jellyfish!  **Don’t worry Kim – I didn’t touch it!**


After an hour or so of walking we decided to head back.


Amanda had visited just a few weeks before so she had another adventure to take us on…to see the Glass Top Mountains!  From what she remembers from her original visit, they are volcanoes that have eroded in to just the shafts which is why they are so narrow.  I think these guys are pretty cool!


We finished up our road trip with a stop at a local fruit stand.  They had carrots for $0.06 a kilo!  I still don’t know how much a kilo is but I do know that it is CHEAP! So we loaded up on Strawberries, Avocados, Broccoli…none of which were $0.06/kg but still much lower than what we’re used to paying in the city!


Our first adventure to the ocean was fantastic and only makes me more excited for winter to end and move into warmer temps.  70 and sunny is beautiful in the city but definitely does not make for lying out at the beach!



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