Cuddle a Koala

We finally took our first real adventure to somewhere outside of the city…the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!  It was fantastic and we will highly encourage everyone coming to Brisbane to make the trip!  There is a river cruise offered from Brisbane City so obviously that was the way to go.  We got lost finding the infamous Miramar 2 but after making our first local phone call we found the dock, bought our tickets and boarded the boat for the 1 hour and 45 minute boat ride to Lone Pine!

The boat had commentary giving information and details about the neighborhoods we floated through and the famous stories, buildings & people along the way which we found to be very interesting!

Me and Ben on the Miramar 2!


Once we got to the sanctuary we were on our own…well, kinda…us and about a million koalas and half a million kangaroos, not to mention the many other animals!

We immediately ran to buy our tickets to cuddle a koala… they actually allow you to hold koalas!

If Tilly had been there it would have been our Christmas card…

Isn’t he cute?!  So, is the koala… 😉


The koalas are SO CUTE and soft!  But they are sleepy little guys…they only allow the koalas to stick around for 30 minutes each.  Thank goodness!  They looked like they were about to fall asleep every time they were held.


After the koalas we were 100% satisfied but to ensure we brought everyone we know back…they let us play with the ‘roos!  The kangaroos!  And yes, you get right up close to them, touch them, feed them, lay down with them…whatever you want!


(and if you’ve seen Ben’s bottle opener this guy proves that those things may be real…ick)

My standoff with an emu – these guys were fearless!

The wombat!

The crocs!

No, no, that’s not a picture of Tilly sent from home – it’s a DINGO!  And they let us pet them…

Despite the floral leash Ben had no interest in petting the wild animal.

Now, that there is a Tasmanian Devil. Ben wouldn’t have gone home happy if we hadn’t seen this little dude.  It was sleeping.

This wasn’t even half of the animals there.  We saw a sheepdog show, a sheep shearing show (which I didn’t enjoy at all!) a platypus, a echidna and a lot of birds!

Overall, we give our first adventure an A+ and if you come, you will be going too! 😉


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  1. I am so proud of you for taking all these pictures! I had my doubts that I would ever get a glimpse into your life in Australia. Good job!

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