we’re here!

As promised, I’ve started a blog…it’s been almost two weeks and there is already so much to share (if I haven’t already done so with you!)  I am definitely what you’d (I’d) call a “fun pusher”…or something like that.  I am guilty of sending as many texts, posting as many pictures and check-ins as I feel appropriate to make sure others are significantly jealous. 😉  Have I succeeded?

Ben and I have had a 2 week whirlwind!  Every time I sit back and think about what we are doing and where we are I literally can’t believe it!  It seems like months ago that we left for our 20-some hour trip Down Under!  For all of you coming to visit, ahem ;), I want you to know that it is not nearly as bad as it seems it would be.  I was enamored by the plane alone – it was huge!

Me and Ben at the airport before leaving…only a few tears

Our plane!  It was a double decker!  (and no, there isn’t a great bar to socialize at or a movie theater up there…it’s just for those important enough to fly First Class…i.e. not me.)

First, let me start by saying this city is *GORGEOUS*. (and I will be using the word ‘gorgeous’ much more often.  The Aussies really know how to make someone feel good or describe a tasty dish…they are all GORGEOUS!)  Every chance we get we are walking around and exploring the city.  The Brisbane River runs right through the middle of it, which makes for beautiful scenery and quite the view out of many of the boardwalk restaurants and coffee shops.

I like to compare the city to Chicago…just on a much smaller scale.  There isn’t the extent of buildings and the downtown precinct isn’t nearly as expansive but the “feel” is very similar.  There really isn’t much of a need to take public transportation unless you’re just sick of walking which we haven’t hit yet.  Although, we did take our first City Cat ride. This is the public water transportation, the stops zig zag across the river.  We did it just for fun…and ended up in no man’s land only to walk another hour back home.  But it was fun!

Almost a week after arriving, a relocation associate that Peabody set Ben up with, picked us up *just on the footpath* outside of our temporary apartment.  We visited 22 potential homes for the next year.  We liked about 4 of them and we loved one!  Pictures of our future apartment are to come but let us just say we are thrilled to be on the 31st floor of a perfectly located building with a *marvelous* (yep…that’s another common word!) balcony overlooking the river (the corner of the river counts, right?) and Ben’s office is just a few blocks away! YAY!

I must say, though, getting used to city living is going to be an adjustment – let alone getting used to a new city on the other side of the world!

1.  Grocery shopping now requires a *trolley*

2. Buying deli meat was the most stressful thing I’ve had to do yet!  I mean…who knows how to convert lbs to kilos?!?

3. Speaking of meat…

4. The self checkouts have an Aussie accent.  It’s English but it’s oddly hard to understand…I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

5. No one jaywalks. Everyone stands patiently waiting for the walk sign to chirp and let them know it’s time to go…even if a car hasn’t driven by in 3 minutes.

6.  There are NO dogs.  This means that every time we see a dog – whether it be a mastiff or a miniature poodle – I mention Tilly (who I literally can’t wait to Skype with!)

7.  My desk is my computer in my family room…

It’s pretty weird getting used to TV too…It seems that shows start whenever they want.  We are really into Australia’s Master Chef.  The shows are on every night of the week, which is awesome – no need to wait til next week for the next episode but the time it comes on each night varies…Monday it could be on a 7:30 then Tuesday it’s on at 7:14 (literally, I don’t think they start on the hour or half hour all the time!) and Wednesday it might be on at 8:07…and The Price is Right is prime time!  Who doesn’t love that?!

We did stumble upon this on Monday morning at about 7:00am 🙂

What a pleasant surprise!


12 responses

  1. What a marvelous recap of your first two weeks! Why aren’t there dogs? The TV thing would be frustrating- do you have to just sit at the tv so you don’t miss master chef? Ben looks cute pulling a trolley. Hee. Hee. It’s ozsome that you get to live on water! City and waterfront- best of both worlds. I 100% agree with no jaywalking. I like a good rule-follower. 🙂 keep up the updates! Xoxox kim

  2. What a marvelous recap! Why aren’t there dogs? TV schedules would be frustrating- are you suppose to sit around all night and wait for master chef to start? Ben looks cute pulling a trolley. Hee. Hee. I love that you live on the water- city & waterfront. The best of both worlds! I 100% agree with no jaywalking. I like a good rule follower. 🙂 keep the ozsome updates coming. Love them, love you! Xoxo-kim

  3. Can I request for future ozsome posts?
    1. Show me the Aussies. I’d like a full analysis on how they’re different and the same as Americans.
    2. Who are the Australian celebs and what’s going on in their gossip mags?
    Please and thank you. 🙂

  4. I love the blog. Good job on keeping me informed….and the pictures ARE GORGEOUS!!!
    Looking forward to the apt. pics.
    Love you, and miss you lots,

  5. We love it that you all are doing a blog! We’ll enjoy following the ozsome adventures of Edna and Benny!! I’ll be on my computer every day checking for news.

    love you!

  6. I love that people wait for their turn at the crosswalk and that tv shows start whenever they want!
    I look forward to your name popping into gchat every day at 4pm, it’s like you never left! 🙂

  7. Hey Lauren, Thank you for your blog. Brisbane is gorgeous! Have a wonderful time, and keep the blog coming!
    Love, Aunt Juanita and Uncle John

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